Nitro Stunt Racing

Nitro Stunt Racing Demo

A new racing discipline: Formula Jet


  • Great graphics and physics
  • Original racing style


  • Demo limitations are too strict

Very good

Cars run on roads, planes fly through the skies.... well, not really. With Nitro Stunt Racing you'll fly with your car – literally.

In this racing simulator you sit behind the wheel of a powerful Formula Jet, a special racing vehicle equipped with a reactor that will enable you to perform the most incredible jumps ever. In fact, you spend half of the racing time on air! Luckily enough you can keep on controlling the car while flying to ensure a proper landing. Too bad I discovered this only after being disqualified for taking land on my car's roof. Hard as it may sound, the game is fairly easy to control and after just one race I was able to leave my only opponent behind quite often, sometimes even while flying over a bump which is probably the coolest way to overtake someone with your car. Just one tip: change the camera view with the C key; otherwise you won't be able to see the ground while you're on air and landing will be even worse.

On the downside, I was disappointed with the demo's incredibly strict limitations. You're limited not only to a single car and a single playing mode (duel) but also to a single track, something which particularly annoyed me because I wanted to try loops and this one track doesn't have any. At least the game features high-quality graphics and a well worked physics engine that delivers a very realistic speed sensation.

A very fun and original racing game from which unfortunately you'll catch only a brief glimpse due to demo limitations.

Nitro Stunt Racing is a PC racing game developed by the independant studio Game Seed. Following the standard motor racing rules, this game is a spicy mix of attractive elements such as pipes, loops and huge jumps on various surfaces. The focus is to propose unprecedented driving and flying sensations to racing game amateurs.

Take a look at this game's features:

  • 16 car races with engaging opponents
  • Realistic handling (Force feedback steering wheel recommended)
  • Aerial handling
  • Integrated Online Ranking system for more competition
  • Optional piloting assistances
  • Vehicles can be damaged and destroyed
  • Multiple surfaces types (asphalt, mud, sand, grass, metal...)
  • Perilous areas such as very high speedway, enormous jumps, huge loops, ramps, pipes, bumps...

Nitro Stunt Racing


Nitro Stunt Racing Demo

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